Draw high number of texts fast?

Hi all!

I on the run of a technology pick for a larger project. The current challenge is to render large number of texts (>10000) at high framerates.
The texts are in parts individual and in parts can be enumerated. They need to change once in a while, far from each in each frame, but they potentially move and scale (for panning and zooming) each frame (which killed my experiments using Babylon GUI).

Can you give any hint on how to do that best?

So far I tried SolidParticleSystem + DynamicTexture as MultiMaterial but my results are disappointing (compared to Babylon playing excellent on other challenges).

My attempt can be seen here: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WCDZS#303

Hope for help,

. J

I was thinking an sps of actual low poly 3d letters would work great.
The demo looks like an issue with textures.

Yes, SPS works perfectly elsewhere and 10000 particles is no issue, but using 10000 textures in a MultiTexture seems to be a not-so-good idea. The samples shows that even 300 break performance.

Do you know a source of 3D letters? Or even sample code?

you most use atlas map and make one texture or ( 10 at less for support in mobiles )

Yeah maybe 26-50 or so characters and numbers I think it could handle it MB ytm

MB this guy knows https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1CMD3G#2