Best way to use additive animations effectively

@feuerstein, we don’t have any plans pushed publicly yet. We are in the early stages of prototyping this work before we fully define what will ship in 6.0. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear answer for what that will be at this point.

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Waiting for the moment my character can finally wave their hand proper way :wink:

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Hi, sorry to poke around this issue once again :smiley: Just wondering if the team has a clearer vision on when this feature (override animations) would land? Will it ship with 6.0 or later? Just wondering since I haven’t seen much work being done in the animations, or maybe I have missed it… I’m a frequent observer in the babylon releases github page :eyes:

We’re going to start working on animations after 6.0 :slight_smile:

Cool beans :sunglasses: And 6.0. is scheduled for end of next month if everything goes smoothly?

I just noticed the 7.0 section in github and this caught my eye: Animation Improvements · Issue #13534 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Is the topic of this issue listed there? Just for clarification :slight_smile:

Yup, March 30th :slight_smile:

I believe this topic would count as “Animation Group Blending/Layering” on the issue list, @PatrickRyan correct me if I’m wrong? :thinking:

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@carolhmj and @Panuchka, yes, the animation improvements issue is the beginning of capturing the animation rework. Once I did a full assessment of where the engine is and what we would need to enhance or add to get where we need to be, we determined there wasn’t enough runway to get it into the 6.0 release. Though that doesn’t mean you need to wait until 7.0 for it all. My guess is that is will be somewhere in the 6.x releases that you will start to see some of these improvements to drop, but we don’t plan for the full completion until 7.0 so that we have some room to reorder work if needed.