Beta 2 of Bjorn's 3D-decks

Beta 2 of Bjorn’s 3D-decks is now out with two major enhancements, “in-scene navigation” and the “Slide forest” scene style.

A 3D-deck is a tree of scenes, you navigate from one scene to another, each scene represents one slide. Previously a scene could display a number of slides within it but you could not navigate between them, this changes in Beta 2.

The new “Slide forest” 3D scene type displays all the slides in the deck laid out as a tree. You can use back/forward/mouse-clicks to navigate to each slide. When a slide is navigated to, it’s brought forward by animating the camera, moving it to face the slide. The viewer can quickly move the camera back to overview mode using a button in the options bar.

When a slide is at the front (the focused one), a mouse click “opens” it, revealing its 3D version.

The video (eventually) shows the viewer navigating to a slide with a 3D chart, then opening the slide to reveal the 3D version.


2d is so yesterday… Cool slogan :sunglasses::+1:

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