3D slide decks acting as 3D menus

A slide deck in Bjorn’s 3D-decks is actually a tree of slides. When you navigate a deck you sometimes reach a TOC scene, aka. fork scene, in which all child slides are presented, This scene acts as a menu, clicking on any slide will take you to that slide (or open a new tab if a URL is specified).

“Action styles” define the look and feel of the interactions. You can play with four animations - camera focus, hover, hide and click. The hide animations apply to the non-clicked slides, can for example be used to fade them out or drop them to the ground. The click animations affect the clicked slide, e.g. scale up the slide 3 times or rotate it around all axes. The hover animation affects the slide beneath the pointer, the wobble effect works well in this scenario. The focus animation affects the camera and tells if the focus should be moved to the clicked slide.

A deck comes with a bunch of predefined action styles like “drop to ground”, “fade out”, “auto-focus”, “wobble and scale”. Video below shows how to use the sidebar to quickly apply an action style to a scene.