Blender 6.1 Exporter

Thanks a lot both Fixed, I ll generate a nightly ASAP.

Should be all good.

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Well added subsurface. Since in Principled Node it is a red color by default, it probably should not always be added:

Will just need to put in a check for that exact color, and not include in that case. You would still be able to do a red, not just not that exact one.


Added anistropy. I do not know what it is, but here is when it is set to the max(1).

Does not really payoff in a still picture. Looks like a moving light streak when rotating the camera. The default of Blender is 0. When turned on & set to 0, it has the same effect as not being turned on.

@sebavan, is it better to leave anistropy out / not enabled, when 0?

Clear coat is now done. If either Clearcoat or Clearcoat Roughness has a texture node assigned, or Clearcoat > 0, then will be activated.

Clearcoat Normal ignored when prior test fails.


@sebavan, Follow up on probably a typo for clearcoat. There is a property _indiceOfRefraction. To be consistent, this should probably be _indexOfRefraction. This is so new, there is probably a window to make the breaking change.

FYI, IOR in principled node is 1.45 by default. IOR is 1.5 by default in BJS. Not only am I setting this in the materials version of the property, but also in subsurface & clearcoat, when used.

Agree with the breaking change on this one as it is also most of the time unused. Also, you should not set the one on the material, only in clearcoat and subsurface, but they might actually be different as the coating often as a different IOR from subsurface.

The material one is only here for back compat.

I ll change that ASAP and recreate a nightly later tonight.

Actually checking first with @Deltakosh for the naming ???

No rush, I still have sheen, then I want to look at baking speed which really sucks. Looks like there is a 10x solution improvement possible. While baking at all inside of the export is avoided some of the time, 2.80 massively increased the time.

For such big changes, I also need some time to QA, once no more changing. You have time.

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ok for me!

All done

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The last of the feature changes, Sheen, is now done. Here is sheen at max with the color of white.


I am done for today, but I see 3 or 4 days of testing things in combination, working on bake time, etc.

@sebavan, as far as not writing IOR at the materials level, I assume I still should when there is a Refaction texture, but then do I also do at subsurface & clearcoat?

Also, when writing standard materials instead of PBR, I assume I need to write either the IOR or Refaction texture at the material level still.

For PBR: subsurface & clearcoat only for ior

For Standard: in the material but it should be 1 / ior if i remember

I have managed to get baking to run much faster. It occasionally generates NaN’s for positions when baking, but I cannot at this point predict when. Am just going to have to ignore that for now.

One last thing that I have noticed is I do have tangents available to export. I know a normal is a perpendicular direction to a face, but not totally sure what a tangent is. Why would need both?

Ok, think I got it. Tangent is just parallel to the surface in a given direction. Should be perpendicular to normals, unless using custom-split normals. Looking at also providing these when custom normals are also used.

Well, am also seeing that tangents which need to be calculated can take a UVMap as an optional argument, see.

Compute tangents and bitangent signs, to be used together with the split normals to get a complete tangent space for normal mapping (split normals are also computed if not yet present)

Is this something has ever done?

Tangents added. 6.1.0 published in new repo.

@Deltakosh will pull out of other repo tomorrow.