World (Environment Texture) dosn't appear in BJS

Hello guys,

Another question, I added an environment texture to blender and I create my object inside, and I export everything to BJS using Babylon.js exporter.

the problem is that the object appear in the browser but the envirnonment texture does not appear

Ideas ?

Thankss :blush:

An environment texture doesn’t automatically export from Blender. You must copy this to the same location as your .babylon or gLTF file.


I’ve copied the HDR file to the location of my .babylon, but it still doesn’t appear and no error in my browser console.

check this doc’ page Use a HDR environment (for PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation

You need to upgrade to Blender 2.80 to get this to export. Blender uses .HDR files for environment texture, and they work just fine in BJS. Of course, your World surface must Use Nodes, but that is not a real restriction, since an environment in Blender is only in Nodes.

There are also some custom properties in the exporter to also have the environment texture also serve as your skybox, if you wish.


Also, you need to be running BJS 4.0. My only PR for the 4.0 release fixed problems in loading environment / skyboxes from a .babylon file.

@JCPalmer, I use CDN locally, I wish this is the version u talking about

Yes, it was as of a few days ago. BTW, probably could remove the .max unless you are going to be reporting an error. The .max file is much larger.

@JCPalmer I use Blender2Babylon-5.6, I tested version 6.0 but it doesn’t wotk I’ll try
thank you

First, with this exporter, check the log file also written. My guess is you wrote std materials, not pbr. This exporter does both. Std is default. Check box shown in screen shot from previous post of mine.

@JCPalmer I try blender 2.8 beta with the exporter version 6.0 and I have a problem that the meshes change their coordinates at random places.
but with blender 2.79 and version 5.6 of the exporter there is not this problem

What does that have to do with env texture? I have not seen this. Are you trying to use a 2.79 blend file in 2.80, or file appending in meshes, etc? Post your log file.