Blender Modeler / Tech Artist / Js

Looking for low poly blender modeler / tech artist with experience in ThreeJs or other JavaScript web browser games.

Set up environment and or change existing environment and assets. Replace existing assets by looking at JavaScript code to setup scene in blender with mesh colliders for physics engines like Canon.js Havoc etc. Create GLTF/ GLB models optimized for 50fps in game performance.

Toon or other custom shading and lighting experience to create unique looks. Be able to rig and animate characters with cycles for video games.

Position is fully remote. Work with team building a series of web browser games. Work is contract based hourly $25-35 per hour approximately $375 to $500 per week. Must speak English and be able to meet on video for team meetings in pacific time zone. Connect here or telegram @fazerbeam

Example look

You mean Babylon I guess? :smiley:

Yes you got it! :grinning: