Looking for a BabylonJS ninja for photo-real product creation

We are looking for a brilliant babylonJS developer and creator to help with making retail products look as photo-real as possible in the viewer. 3D models will be created in GLTF, and displayed through babylonJS. We want to keep this as dynamic as possible. Shadows, reflections, etc.

This can be a freelance developer role to help us achieve the end goal during a several week sprint, or a consultant role helping advise how to achieve the end goal.

Message me if you are a ninja or know of any talented individuals that would be interested!


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We can help, please look into www.deftntact.com

And our works section in our site, we are 3d products and visualization who works on webGL and Babylon and react

Please see our product https://surfacevue.com which we have done completely uisng react and babylonjs