Bluetooth device

Dear Babylonians! I thought some of you probably encounter this before with your games and external bluetooth device. How do you get the JS to communicate with the device? Right now, I have 4D Piano and I would like the web app to allow a simple bluetooth (generic) foot pedal to activate each beat for playback (instead of spacebar or keyboard action).

Please help!!!

Hello I’m not sure this is the best place to get an answer for that as it is not relaly bjs related. I would recommend asking on StackOverflow to get more chance to get an answer. I do not remove the topic as maybe someone in our fantastic community could have the answer.

Between last message and this…I kind of figure out that most page turning devices use the “arrows” as a substitute…so it works…but I am curious if anyone has any word of wisdom with their experience “communicating” with the gaming equipment’s signals. Thanks!

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