Bounding Box Documentation

I am looking for documentation (if any) about leveraging the collision capability of Babylon.

When I create a dummy Cylinder with CheckCollision to true, the bounding box doesnt match the cylinder.

The doc seems to suggest that the only bounding box available is an Ellipsoid :,_mesh_collisions_and_gravity

Although I created custom geometry manually and those actually applied collision properly on each faces.

Any doc on how to customize the bouding box?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi @Yann_S and welcome to the forum. Thus may give your more info Intersect Collisions - mesh - Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks for your answer! According to the link, if I follow, there’s only a “precise” flag which seems to use OBB instead of AABB, what about custom bounding boxes? (cf. in the question where I mention having a more complex bounding box set on custom geometries).
This makes me think that (for example) cylinder by default set a BB of an ellipsoid?

EDIT: Also I just realised this is an intersectMesh parameter, but I am using the checkCollision flag