BoxZombies game

Hello everybody,

i have created a little game with awesome Babylon.js :slight_smile:
Have a look on my website and play the BoxZombies game:
It works fine on desktop and mobiles.

The idea is to click/tap to the moving BoxZombies in order to move to another level.
I have created 10 levels with 20 enemies per level.
Also i have created every 3D model in Blender and it gave me a lot of experience in creating 3D models.
The BoxZombies are moving faster every level and are changing color.
When the BoxZombie reaches the end of terrain (the closest to the camera), then the player loses one life.

The most difficult was to create nice looking particle systems for score, destroying the box and loosing the life.

Have fun with BoxZombies :slight_smile:


This is really great!!

Adding @PirateJC FYI

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Super Fun @jan-capiak Love it!

Any objection to me adding this to our website?

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So cool!

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No objection at all :slight_smile: Happy to be on your website, thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay…this is live now.