Roblox meets film noir

Hi all! I’ve been putting together another little experimental demo to learn more about Babylon.js:

At first the idea was that it would be like a 3D version of Jet Set Willy (showing my age there), with discrete scenes for “rooms”.
That proved to be a bit too ambitious given my non-existent free time, and also it started to take on a film noir type of aesthetic, with a Roblox-y simplicity, so I steered it in that direction.
It’s just one basic scene at present, I’m hoping to find time to extend it!

It uses my own dubious hand-rolled physics, basically using Babylon’s mesh intersection test.

Careful as you step backwards, it’s easy to fall off the edge into the yawning abyss!



Nicely done !!!

Super cool! I love how you set up the lightning, especially the light showing up through the door :slight_smile: @PirateJC look!

@TomWHall This is looking super cool! I love the moodiness to the lighting! Well done!

Keep us updated as this progresses! We’d love to keep tabs on where it ends up!

I doubt I’ll get time to develop this into a full game, so I’ve put the source on GitHub:

I hope someone finds it useful!