Built new Maze - 94


You are unstoppable ;D

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Iā€™m actually curious how long does it take you to make a single maze? :smiley:

How do you make sure its unique from the previous ones? Seems like it would get harder and harder the more mazes you make but you keep pushing them out. Woot!

5 hour.
It takes some time to bult it with Blender add colliders, add quick texture, set Points (set parent-child), export, upload and Test and Record it.

Mazes could be bult with more boxes 100 or 70 but could be 200 or more boxes.

But I limit myself Max 100/70 boxes.

the probability that there would be two same labyrinths is extremely small.

And no there are all unique bult by me.

But collection in not limited. (Just bult export upload)

the essence is the concept
(like Perplexus, but only with boxes Because of 3D graphics)

I would like to achive 100 Mazes now.
Every playing is unique experiences.
Some levels are easy some are harder.

If Maze Will be From 200 boxes or more. You Will have Long time to resolve it. And recording/testing Will take a Long time.

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