Today I built Level/Maze 90

I recorded all my playing, because of test if colliders are OK and if all 3D if the maze is solvable.

(Please find http URL in Video… I you would like to try/play it)

I believe you will want to work the design eventually? Don’t take this as a critic. I guess my question is more like 'How far are you from an alpha version with this project?… Cya,

I am not focusing on design (don’t have a time)…
But on number of bulding different mazes and put it in collection.

But you know there are videos
(Perplexus Shadow Open - how to build your own and upload it in collection/database)

When you build and upload your own… everybody can Play your Mazef From collection.

There iz Google Drive Link (YouTube detajla gas Link) (to Download template - box only and numders … and how to build/assamby your own custom Maze and upload it so anybody can Play Toura Maze(s)

Well, may be you should at this point. Clearly, you have put in a lot of work, and good work. You found the time to make videos for 90 levels, my advise if any (my opinion only) you should now put some time (or effort or resources) in working the UX, cosmetics and com. Actually, all you would have needed at this time is just 10 to 15 levels.

This game is open to

developers/builders of maze/scene/levels
those who like developing mazes design with Blender
to players

So Build or/and Play. Share your Maze to your friends.

I want things to be simple extended.
Just concept.

Maybe I should put source code on git. So anybody could do what he want…

May be you should take some time to think of how you can take best advantage from what I believe to be AN AWESOME IDEA

Don’t just post it like that in the minute. Take a breath, a cup of tea and think of how you can engage people (designers, engs, project managers) in your project. Next, do your thing… :smiley:

And when even more novice players would be able to easily create and share custom mazes, without using “scary” developer tools like Blender, but instead using some user friendly monkey-proof designed in-game maze builder/editor, that awesome idea would be able to grow even faster. :wink:

to reinvent the wheel !?