Can Babylon.js draw colliders?

For example, Ammo.js has the DebugDrawer class to draw colliders. Has Babylon.js the build-in functionality for drawing colliders?

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Can I use it from code, without editor?

The inspector is using this code:

const physicsViewer = new PhysicsViewer(scene);
            for (var mesh of scene.meshes) {
                if (mesh.physicsImpostor) {
                    let debugMesh = physicsViewer.showImpostor(mesh.physicsImpostor, mesh as Mesh);

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I created an array of boxes and set positions to them in debugDrawer.drawLine = (from, to, color) => {}. I run Ammo.js separately like it made in Three.js in this tutorial: Intro to JavaScript 3D Physics using Ammo.js and Three.js | by Blue Magnificent | Medium



Hi @8Observer8 just checking in, has your issue been solved? :slight_smile:

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I solved but with built-in features of pure Ammo.js. I cannot find how to draw colliders from text (without Babylon.js editor).