Can GLTF export a specific mesh from scene?

Hi all
Currently we use the command
BABYLON.GLTF2Export.GLTFAsync(scene, “marbleTower”).then((gltf) => { gltf.downloadFiles();
to export a mesh assuming that it is the only mesh in the scene.

If I have many meshes in my scene, can I filter/choose which mesh to export?




Thanks Delkatosh
In the PG referred, I added 2 gltf files.

When exporting it also includes textures from the excluded mesh. Isn’t this unnecessary?

Also, in the options can I specify an array of meshes?
Finally, it seems OPTIONS is an exclusion, not an inclusion, ie: if I want to specify the gltf mesh to be exported doesn’t seem to work
let options = {
shouldExportNode: function(node) {
return node == fan;

Pinging @Drigax