Can i add Auth Headers in Video Texture request?

Can i add Auth Headers in Video Texture request ?
Currently i am creating Video texture by simply passing the URL but that URL will be secured and i need to pass auth token in headers.

Here is the way to pass auth info for sound - Sound url doesn't work with query parameter (there is a work around) - #4 by 11128
PG here -
I believe you may use the same technique for video as well.


Sending Token as a parameter in request is not a good & safe option. Is there any better way ?

Use your own video element where you control the full requests and such and simply wrap it in a video texture.

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Do we have any playground for this ?

You simply need to pass your video element instead of the url in the VideoTexture constructor VideoTexture | Babylon.js Documentation

Apparently passing an Auth header is not that simple in Video Element

you should look into exisiting videoplayers doing it for you and use their videoElement wrapped in a texture ?