Can I auto initialize the webXR session in Babylon React Native?

I found that user interaction is a must for vanilla Babylonjs app, is it the same for Babylon React Native?
Thread for vanilla Babylonjs app: Can I auto initialize the webXR session?

I would not think the restriction apply to native but I might be fully wrong :slight_smile:

Adding @bghgary who knows way more than me about this.

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No, it is not an issue in Babylon React Native, though the app will prompt for permissions to access the camera.

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Ok. Thank you for fast response, can i follow the issue and where?

Iā€™m not sure what you mean. What issue?

I am sorry, i misread your message. I am having trouble auto initializing the session, when should i call the function to start the session?

Can you give a bit more context? What kind of trouble? Can you show some code?

I have to confirm that it works in Sample. Since i am using Clojure to build the app problem seems to be in Clojure somewhere. I will figure it out. Thank you for you time. :slight_smile:

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