Candy pie: a configurable, interactive 3d pie chart in your browser

Is it really worth it?

@mawa : I learned a few things, had some fun, and by “releasing” it, I was pushed even a little further, so for me, yes, worth it.

By the way, faen ?

it is the volume of the segment that needs to be proportional to the data point

@JohnK : indeed, that’s how all 2d pie charts I saw determine the angle, and all 3d versions I have seen only add a fixed height to it, so I opted for a different approach, translating the values to the height of the slices. And with the arcPct parameter one can still steer the angle.

But I really like how you distinguish them, by referring more explicitly to two data sets. I should probably rename value to height, and add an option to include both of them on the label.

ps: copied from Data Driven Storytelling Tip #8: Don't Use Pie Charts - Evolytics

Study after study has shown that pie charts are not the most effective means of communicating data. The pie chart’s primary limitation is that people are much better at comparing lengths and heights, as you would see in a bar or line chart, than they are at comparing areas within a pie. Further, the long tail results, or the thinner pieces of a pie, tend to become unreadable.

So with a 3d pie chart, one is not comparing areas, but volumes, and when rotating the chart, the perspective changes. So the visual perception will be way worse than with the already despised 2d pie chart.

But back to sqare one, I had some fun with it.

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