Cgal library webassembly port

This demo includes a webassembly build of the popular computational geometry algorithm library CGAL, it has lots of tools that will benefiit 3D web. Here’s some smoothing algorithms implemented.

see how i build here (GitHub - ademola-lou/3DLibrary)


Looks very promising!
Doo-Sabin doesn’t work for me, all other subdivision types are OK.
Still don’t quite understand how to use it in own projects :slight_smile: Could you explain a bit more?


Yeah i’d love to see a demo with a simple cube :wink:

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This is awesome! Having more advanced subdivision algorithms running on browser feels super useful, this could let the user download simpler and lighter models and have the subdivision work on client for more quality :slight_smile:

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Hello there @labris @WillemCramer sorry I am not that good with documentations lol,

but I have added a section on how to use in the README (3DLibrary/ at master · ademola-lou/3DLibrary · GitHub), so it should be more clear.
Also this is a demo with a simple cube Babylon.js Playground

@carolhmj yes :+1: :slight_smile:


Super @waverider404 !
I made an example to make it solid and at the bottom check the differences between the methods

Thank you so much!