Cant get PBR Parallax Occlusion to be effective

For some reason I really struggle on making things render out like they look in substance painter and designer…

On the left is substance designer on the right is BJS

There has to be a way to get this closer to the expected output.

The height map for the parallax occlusion effect must be encoded in the alpha channel of the bump map: you don’t have an alpha channel in your bump map.

Doc: Use Parallax Mapping - Babylon.js Documentation

Your PG with diffuse/bump textures from the doc:

Also those effect could benefit from a static directional lights to accentuate even more the perception of depth.

Thank you @Evgeni_Popov I dont know how I missed that. Every time I ask a question it seems it’s from a lack of reading… >_< rabble rabble rabble… I appreciate you thank you!

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