Cargo ship simulator

I made a very basic cargo ship simulator, so no more cargo ships get stuck in canals :laughing:

You’ll notice the terrain is very familiar.


LOL I love it !!!

Haha, fun to play. Also with the wind effects.

If you need help programming the Ship Simulator Controller using WebHID for it, send me a message. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been experimenting with the same, but then for the Train edition from the same brand. Probably the setup and mapping works 99% the same as that one.

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I believe the 1% remaining is about the bloody boat needing 10 nm+ to come to a stop.
I also wonder who built this canal with all those curves. It must be an english guy wanting to reproduce the curves of the Thames in London city;) By any means, I stuck my boat on the 2nd curve. Bloody eng. So many years of studies to come out with this.

Jokes apart, nice little project. Like a BJS meme. I like it; funny and cool,

The land came from here which @Deltakosh created

I bought the cargo ship from Cargo ship 300m - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by Ig Yerm (@IgorYerm) [1d0ea35] - Sketchfab Store but I had to lower the resolution of some of the textures

If so, please tell @Deltakosh that he should not be authorized to build a canal… or we will never be able to get this cheap chinese crap we ordered for an unreasonable price delivered here in Europe;) That would be so sad;)
Note: The resolution is ok for me. I didn’t use a 4k screen but it looks good. The textures are clean and the model is nice. I was just counting the containers. I think 2 are missing towards the original but I may have to count again;)