Change FPS in WebXR

I can change the render FPS without FPS according to this playground, but this PG not works in WebXR, like PG. So I wonder if there any way to change FPS in webxr?


@RaananW does window not work in XR context? :thinking:

Anyway, you can go on an alternative route using a custom render loop: xr-fps | Babylon.js Playground (

Ithink your pg is not working because of html references, but you can do the same thins using babylonjs GUI and engine.getFps()

It could run but screen flashes white.

I use WebXR-emulator-extension in chrome.

Hmm let’s wait for Raanan to take a look then as he has more experience

The FPS of an XR session is defined by the underlying system and not by the user. There is a way to change the FPS, if the system supports it:

WebXRSessionManager | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thanks, but I wonder why screen flashes white ?

you shouldn’t run the render loop yourself. let babylon handle the rendering