Changed project names are not reflected src/index.ts in Babylon.js Editor

Hi @julien-moreau,

I found a issue about changed project names.

When I change project name by using “File” > "“Rename project”, the project name is changed after “File”> “Refresh”.

But folder name in “src/index.ts” is not changed.


[1-1] default case

import { runScene } from "./scenes/scene";
 private _load(): void {
 const rootUrl = "./scenes/scene/";

[1-2] desirable case when project name is changed from “scene” to “WebXR_VRController_Input”

import { runScene } from "./scenes/WebXR_VRController_Input";
 private _load(): void {
 const rootUrl = "./scenes/WebXR_VRController_Input/";

I’d appreciate your consideration. :slight_smile:

Adding @julien-moreau


Hey @Limes2018 !

That’s an excellent feedback I hoped nobody will ask for the fix ahahah. I should add documentation to notify that sources will not be changed by the editor. Indeed, modifying the code is not something easy and I haven’t found clear solutions using the TypeScript API. What I have to do now is digging in the source code of VSCode and see how they handle the problem :slight_smile:

Is that ok if that feature is not implemented right now?

Thanks for kind reply.
I found the issue by chance when I implemented a WebXR template.
I think it is OK if such limitation is added on documentation :slight_smile: