Character animation

This is the example I’m working with

I’m wanting to know how to change the character with a gITF or gib file

I see in the code that it’s importing the mesh with “./scenes/”, “dummy3.babylon”
I’m wondering how are we able to replace this with gITF and get the same functionality

Simply put, this character has a predefined skeleton that has the animations of each part of it (or bones) predefined. If you search for those models, they are usually called “rigged” , and you can find them all over the place. They usually standing jesus-style when not moving.

Mixamo has a lot of those available, you can play around with it there and then use it in your game: Mixamo

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Thanks for the reply. I was wanting to know how to do the rigging. I have a model downloaded from sketchfab that I’d like to use

Oh, there are much better people to explain that :slight_smile: This is magic done by people like @PatrickRyan

But maybe this could help - Rigging — Blender Manual

@bluopp, the topic of rigging is a very broad and deep topic that really is outside the scope of explaining on this forum. The basics of rigging a character mesh are consistent across packages in that you will have a node hierarchy that makes up the skeleton and each vertex in a mesh bound to the skeleton will have a bind pose position and a weight to a number of surrounding bones (limited by engine) to interpolate its final position from the TRS of the transform of the bound bones. But each DCC tool will have their own method for creating skeletons, skinning, and weight painting.

The best place to start with is the documentation of your chosen package like @RaananW linked above (if you are using Blender) to get familiar with the interface that the DCC tool offers. To learn about the best practices for skinning and rigging, I would start with YouTube and do searches for rigging models in your chosen DCC tool. There are plenty of paid sites that offer training on skinning and rigging, but you need to find those who host content for your tool.

Like I said, this is a dense topic so don’t get frustrated if you aren’t able to get up and running in an hour. There are technical artists whose entire job is skinning and rigging and they are highly sought after because doing it right makes the animator’s job much easier while doing it wrong can be disastrous to a production schedule and cost a company a lot of time and money to correct.

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Thanks for the replies. It’s certainly a dense topic for sure.
I went through the maximo and was able to upload and animate my character, but now how do I use it for babylon
On maximo it only offers to download fbx

I think for my own simplicity it would be nice to find a straight forward tutorial on going from a gITF to animation for babylon
like this example

or is there an fbx converter to babylon file?

here’s a link for fbx to babylon file
thank you guys for the help
have a great weekend and stay safe

Hi @bluopp, as you’ve already found, Mixamo Multiple Animations .fbx → Blender → .babylon Format is a good resource, and I’ve just responded with a video. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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