Convert large 1GB .glb file to .babylon file

Hi, I have large 1GB .glb file. I need convert this .glb file to .babylon file. When I try convert it through it does not convert and throws an error, see img bellow. Is there other convertor?
Thank you for advice

Have you tried to import your .glb in a DCC tool (like Blender), then export from this tool?

I’m no expert here, but I’d guess the out of memory error suggests it simply can’t handle such file sizes.

What is your goal trying to convert it? If it’s for file size it most likely won’t become smaller as .babylon.

I’d suggest you break down your model more for the .glb to become smaller and then try again to convert it. You’ll have to do this by lowering the poly count in a 3D Software.

Another suggestion is to optimize your .glb. This will also lower the file size. I’m using meshoptimizer/gltf at master · zeux/meshoptimizer · GitHub and it works wonders. My go to settings are -cc -kn -km -ke. Add -noq if your model breaks or textures mess up, but this will increase file size.

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The efficiency of bjs generation of its own file format is pathetic. Every single number is printed with 16 decimals of precision, even if something like 3 is the exact same.

Blender’s exporter would be much smaller, but I also agree with earlier. Your scene is either too big and or has too much detail.

Browser memory limit per tab was at some points around one and a half Gb so yup this would definitely not fit in.