Copter Cove - Instant Game

Hey everyone, over the past year I have been learning Babylonjs and building a game called Copter Cove alongside some coworkers.

Copter Cove is built using Babylonjs for Facebook using Instant Games APIs, which when used together are very powerful!

This is the first game that I or the company I work for have released a game built in Babylonjs.

Copter Cove is a side scrolling endless runner styled game. There are 34 missions to complete, and 22 different skins, and 9 different trails to unlock. Copter Cove is currently released and can be played on or within the Facebook Messenger app.

Here is a link to play it:

Here are some screenshots of the game:


Woot this is fantastic!
Do you want to add a reference on our homepage:

We would love to!

perfect jsut do a PR then (screenshot must be a 800x500 image)

I love it :smile:

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