3D experiences using BabylonJS (Started a company)

It’s been a while since I started this journey. I started as a web developer, went to being a Unity developer and now I’m here using both game and webdev technology.

I started working for myself recently wanting to make 3D web experiences and had to face my worst enemy; acquisition.

People usually do not know the increased value of working with more than just pictures and text, so I tried to make a campaign that shows them of what’s possible.

I made three little experiences with BabylonJS, showing a couple of things you can do:


1 ) Product promotion, where you can see a car from both the inside and the outside.

2 ) Relive history, where you can have a taste of how people have lived during the roman times.

3 ) Awareness, where you see just how fast the amazon deforestation is happening by showing a realtime illustration.

I want to thank this community (especially the Jedi masters) for helping me every time I got stuck!

I released the campaign today, hope you guys like it and any feedback very much appreciated!

PS: I also have a couple of code snippets that I made, would like to share, where would be the best place to do that?


For the code snippets if they are reproducible in a playground id say that might be your best bet, then post them on here or the playground roundup thread.

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Will do soon :slight_smile:

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This is REALLY cool

We can definitely showcase you in our home page for sure :slight_smile: cc @PirateJC


Woa thanks, means a lot! Also thanks for the help along the way.

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This is truly amazing indeed! I love how clearly you show the value of interactive experiences vs. passive ones!

This is now added to the community page!


Acquisition may be more fun than you think.

  • Consider adding a ‘request a quote’ form to your page, with a few inputs on things like dear client what do you want when do you want etc. plus few contact details
  • Make sure the ‘request a quote’ button (and ‘contact’ button for that matter) is visible on every page (even inside your demo experiences)
  • Price quote is excellent, and also tell your prospect how fast you can deliver (“we need this 3D thingee ready by end of this month can you do that?”)
  • Put a short bio on your site, together with LinkedIn badge. Nobody buys from a stranger (“do you know a guy/girl in your network that can do this 3D thingee for us?”)
  • Link the 3 experiences on your page to sample business goals of your client (e.g. sell more cars, have more visitors come to your historic museum, put climate change on the government agenda)
  • You’re located in Amsterdam, put that on your site (everybody knows Amsterdam :wink: )

Just some random ideas.

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About the code I wanted to share…

I have multiple things, but the part that I use the most is my own animation wrapper.
I found the normal way of animating very cumbersome. Basically I tried to abstract/shorten the process of setting up an animation. It supports multiple objects, multiple properties, and a “from and to” value based on a 2-length array.

It goes something like this:

        'position': new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1, 0),
        'rotationQuaternion': BABYLON.Quaternion.FromEulerAngles(0, Math.PI / 8, 0)


If this is useful to someone let me know, I made a simple page-router for https://about.zuncreative.com. If someone wants that one please let me know :slight_smile:


Absolutely loved the Roman & deforestation demos, and they ran surprisingly well on my integrated graphics surface. Very cool! I hope you get a lot of buisness not just for your sake, but for ours. As a consumer, I would LOVE to see more interactive experiences like this across the web.

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