Cors error when trying to load texture from Azure Blob Storage

I am trying to load a texture in my scene from azure storage with public access. You can view this playground to view the cors error.

If I paste the link in browser address bar or use the same link as an img src in html it is working correctly. The only time it give me the error is when I am loading it in babylon as a texture.
On line 18 you will see I am trying to load an image as a texture from azure storage but it gives me this error.

You forgot a h, I am seeing in the error ttps:// :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry I forgot to add it when I took the screenshot but if you see in the playground the url is correct but I still get the cors error.
New screenshot:


You d need to enable cors on your storage Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support for Azure Storage | Microsoft Docs

Let me know if that helps