Create 3d-tubes easily with Babylon.js

I started learning babylon.js more than a year ago and I just made my first simple tool with it: Easy 3d-tube creator available here.

It allows you to create combination curves simply by clicking at the tiles; you need three clicks to create the first segment. And you have to manually adjust the y-parameter either using the slider or keyboard presses (0-9 and “.” and “/” at the moment). You can’t easily create the sort of a curve you want but you can definitely create curves fast :joy:

And finally you can download a rather verbose json representation of the curve by clicking the save-button. You just need to write a constructor that can use that representation to create either tubes or roller-coasters inside your own project.

I became interested in curve-creation while coding my first semi-serious 3d-game CurveBusters and at some point I’m planning to do a more advanced version of it (using a physics engine rather than coding my own mechanics from scratch).


Hi @tapio40k welcome to the forum!

Always useful, a 3D curve editor/tool with export option :slight_smile: I can imagine some fun games being created based on curves.

(I like designing with curves, and straights, and crossings, and turnouts… but that’s me as a GeekTrains :nerd_face::steam_locomotive: game developer.)

Anyway I’ve tried the link to your CurveBusters demo, but got ‘Server not found’ error… am I doing something wrong? :grey_question::question::grey_question:

Also found a nice other BabylonJS simple game on your website with an awesome text to speech module in it:

A text-to-speech module in javascript will make it so much easier to generate spoken (audible) dialogue in games as an extension to visual text balloons. What an excellent idea!

Keep on coding,


Thanks for your encouragement! is working for me but the server might be down occasionally. Just no SSL so browsers might complain… I’ll definitely keep on coding and am planning to redesign my homepage with Babylon.