Create babylon dom html content marker

Hello is there a possibility to create a marker on image/video on a 360 dome , but not as a babylon GUI image inside a canvas but as a html marker (div) similar to panoskin or pannellum libraries, that it would show div in the inspector? Thanks.

Do you mean you need navigation markers like at panoskin?

Could you clarify this a bit more?

Hello @Paul_Ksi checking in, do you still need any help? Can you detail a bit more what you want? Pictures and a sample playground would be helpful. that`s the playground i found on GUI hotspots, basically what i need is a regular html div attached to it so can modify through css etc, thanks

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Hello! Apologies for the delay in responding. There isn’t a way to attach a regular div to a GUI element, because the GUI is not a regular html node, it is drawn on a canvas. If you really want to style using HTML and CSS, one option would be to rasterize it to the canvas using something like rasterizeHTML.js by cburgmer, and using this canvas as an Dynamic Textures | Babylon.js Documentation ( But really, the simplest option would be just to use the Babylon.js GUI.

Hello @Paul_Ksi just checking in, was your question answered?