Create Mesh From 2D Polygon (Like room walls)


I would like to create room walls dynamically like these;
Blueprint 3D - Example (
Room Planner | Wayfair

I have created 2d polygon and its working but i don’t know how to convert this to 3d scene as mesh. I have taken 2d polygon script from here; “stackoverflow:63082574” (I can’t add link more then 2. You can google it)

Can you give me some advice or solution? Thank you, best regards.

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Can you share the code that you used to create 2d polygon in a Playground? It will be easier to help that way.

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Developing Build a House from Plans | Babylon.js Documentation (


Thank you:)

I did on jsfiddle;
JSFiddle - Code Playground
(I couldn’t share on playground:/)

Thank you this is useful i will work on it:)

Given the fiddle, I think the link provided by @carolhmj will be of great help!

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