Crowd agents swinging around destination at high speed

Hi @Cedric,

A question about crowd agents. When I put maxSpeed with a value higher than 1, the agents are swinging like a pendulum around the destination point before stopping. They will arrive too fast to stop, go over the point, “u-turn” and come back, and so on a few times until the speed is good to stop. The number of agents do not affect this behaviour. Any idea how we could control this? I’ve tried with the other parameters but nothing seems to help. Maybe we could have a maxDeceleration? maxAcceleration does not seem to affect deceleration is that right?

PG to test this:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Crank up the maxacceleration! :slight_smile:
With a value a 40 it looks like what you what:

Indeed, I too shy on the value when I tried this. Cranking it up is the way :smile:. Thanks!