Custom Loading Screens on react native

Hi @ryantrem
i use this babylonjs solution on android system for react native:

class CustomLoadingScreen implements ILoadingScreen {
  //optional, but needed due to interface definitions
  public loadingUIBackgroundColor: string
  constructor(public loadingUIText: string) {}
  public displayLoadingUI() {

  public hideLoadingUI() {

How to use something else instead of alert, e.g. progres icon or just text, self closing

This looks like a dupplicate of React native loading page

@igorroman777 , please, allow a bit of time for ppl to answer as they will nw :slight_smile:

I am trying a recommended solution from babylonjs for react native

I’ve never tried to use ILoadingScreen with Babylon React Native, but it seems like it should work.

For alert specifically, React Native provides a solution: Alert · React Native

If you want to show/hide some custom React Native UI on top of the EngineView, then you have lots of choices. Here are a few:
ActivityIndicator · React Native
react-native-progress - npm (

Assuming there are no issues with ILoadingScreen in Babylon React Native though, then this is really more of a React Native question (about components and UI) than a Babylon question, so you might find more folks with suggestions on React Native specific forums or Stack Overflow.