Custom mesh Particle Emitter


So I’m trying to use a custom mesh to emit particles, but I can’t make it to work… When I use a MeshParticleEmitter it looks like, it’s defaulting to a Box instead…

Ok, it seems the problem is that I’m using webGPU and this feature is not supported :frowning:

Is it possible to at least use CustomParticleEmitter with webGPU? Because the example in the docs only works for webGL: Shape Emitters | Babylon.js Documentation

How about using ParticleSystem instead of GPUParticleSystem when you use webGPU?

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Yes, that might be a solution. Especially that it looks like GPUParticles are lacking a lot of the features the regular ones have, except maybe you can have much more. That’s a bit disappointing.

I guess have to experiment if I can get the result I want with regular particles, and then eventually look for a different solution.

It’s not related to WebGPU, it’s the GPUParticleSystem which has some limitations:

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