Dealing with zip files. Firebase


So this is my situation. I am working on the app which is hosted on Firebase. Firebase doesn’t allow writing files on the server. I need to get .zip file and read/load content of that file in the app.

So the initial idea was to download file from storage, unzip the files, store files on the server, read those files in the app, and after finishing with the app, save changes, zip file again and send it to the initial storage, replacing old one.

But the issue is the restriction mentioned above.

Alternatively I could unzip files somewhere on storage in temp folder. But due some complexities It would be nice if I could avoid saving files in the storage as they are already saved there once or twice before, as a zip file.

I was thinking if it would be possible to somehow get files from the .zip and somehow load them using Blobs or ArrayBuffers (I am not very familiar on how these work though).

Do you have some ideas, or my only option is to save those files in the temp storage?

Thank you

You could probably unzip and use blobs urls but you ll have to rebuild all the dependency urls before loading