DebugLayer on Babylon 3.3

Hello !
I want to use the BabylonJs Inspector to debug my code. I simply wrote and also tried to change the BABYLON.DebugLayer.InspectorURL but nothing happened. Nothing shows up and there’s no particular DOM element when I display the devTools.
I use vueJS for my app maybe it has something to do with this ?

Any idea of how to use the debugLayer ? My current version is Babylon 3.3.0, I tried to update to the 4.0.0-alpha but everything broke since some elements I currently use are not usable anymore in the 4.0.

About the inspector URL did you try :

I am really interested to know more about what is broken in 4.0 ??? We should fix it as you should not encounter regressions.

Thank you ! I just had to change the link !

This is my code
`import BABYLON from “babylonjs”;

export default class SnapRectangle extends BABYLON.TransformNode {`

And I have an error Cannot read property 'TransformNode' of undefined

Yes as @sebavan mentioned this should work flawlessly
Which npm version are you on? Make sure to have everything on 4.0 alpha 32

could you try import * as BABYLON from “babylonjs”;