Demo Ammo Physics Scene

Demo Classic Unity Car Tutorial Demo Scene

Created with Babylon Toolkit (Unity Exporter)

  • Large Unity Terrain Exports Including Tree Instances
  • Ammo Physics Mesh Colliders For Road Surfaces
  • Advanced Bullet Raycast Vehicles Support
  • And Much More Out Of The Box

Babylon Toolkit: Mustang Demo

Everything created in Unity Editor and export as GLTF with Extra Metadata that the babylon.manager.js extension uses provide Unity Like Game Mechanics for developing your BabylonJS experiences

Driving Instructions

WASD and Arrow Keys - Accelerate And Steer

Space Bar - Hard Hand Brake

Shift Key - Burnout Power For Donuts

P Key - Change Perspective View


Yo @arcman7 Check out the demo above. Just one small demo of the kind of content and mechanics you can achieve with my Babylon Toolkit. And most Out-The-Box.

Will talk more on our meet. But you can get a feel for all the Ammo changes my btSmoothTriangle class provides in our BabylonJS Ammo Builds

Just wow. This is amazing!

Somehow managed to get stuck like this :joy:

But if I just drive till the guard rail ends it will fall right-side up back onto the road.

Seriously this is is so cool. From what I can gather your tool kit is meant to support the various use cases that arise in making large 3d maps with playable physics.

Check out my demo:

I can see how your tool kit would be immensely beneficial towards this sort of game dev in general and especially towards what I’m doing. I am so excited to try it out.

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i had a drive :wink: solid 60fps with my rtx 2060 :wink: well done babylon and @MackeyK24

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Nice demo @arcman7 … The Babylon Toolkit also as addons packs like Networking and Characters with Mechanim style Animation Controllers

I also use colyseus… I create a UniversalGameRoom server class that handles all the network users, entities and built in user chat queues.

I can also do Ready Player Me live models for your Local Players, Remote Players and Design time NPC’s

Again… All out the box… just a couple a script components you attach at design time in Unity.

Ill show you a demo of the Babylon Toolkit Character And Network System

Github does not support searching forked github repositories :confused: What files can I look at to get more familiar with the class itself and it’s usage?

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Yo @arcman7

These are my Smooth Triangle Mesh commits

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This is insanely coool @MackeyK24 !!! @PirateJC do your thing :slight_smile:

Dang @MackeyK24 ! Your work continues to blow me away! So impressive! I LOVE it!

Are you on twitter?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I saw this pop up on my followup question search today, but I think it’s more suited for a demo, so took the liberty of moving :stuck_out_tongue: