Difference between production links (for babylon js )and preview link


i want to know what is the difference between these 2 :
<script src="https://cdn.babylonjs.com/loaders/babylonjs.loaders.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://preview.babylonjs.com/loaders/babylonjs.loaders.min.js"></script>

i am trying to write a js script and extract the functionalities of the library for my own project .
what is the difference between these 2 and which one should i put in the header of the index.html of the project .


The cdn link is the current stable version. The
preview link is the latest version under development but it is usually very stable in use but there will be changes during all the beta and alpha phases. If the current cdn version has all the features you need then that should work for you xxxx

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