Does it possible to prevent ctrl + click & drag on the scene?


I have an arcrotate camera and i’m trying to make a copy paste mode on my scene by holding the ctrl button, clicking on a mesh and holding a drag.
But the problem is that this action already do something : it make the camera translate like holding and draging left click.

So my question is : does it possible to prevent this translate action ?
I don’t saw precisly answer to this question on the forum (maybe i’m just blind haha)

Thank’s by advance.


you can control a lot of the camera inputs as you see fit:
Customizing Camera Inputs | Babylon.js Documentation (


For the pure translation part, you can ask the ArcRotateCamera to not do it with:

Babylon.js Playground (

See line #6:

camera.attachControl(canvas, true, false);

The last parameter deactivates CTRL for panning

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that was under my eyes, so yes i’m blind… hahahaaa

thank you :slight_smile:

not a problem!