Drawing Edges after merge, results inner edges in mesh

After merging 2 boxes, and applying edge rendering I’m getting edges outside and inside,
How can I get rid of the inner edges, I only need outside ones.
See playground

Unfortunately, this is inherent to both how the merge is done and how the edges are detected on the geometry.

Maybe @Cedric would have an idea ?

Yes, it’s part of the algorithm.
Maybe with a different render group and a post process or merge meshes using CSG.

thanks for help
tried with csg no success
found solution with
newMesh.renderOutline = true;


Amazing. Thanks for posting. I tried for a few minutes from your PG with creating multimats, messing around with sorting/rendering group, but just nothing did it. And now you’re bringing us the solution to your own topic just like that :smiley: If you have other questions, do not hesitate to post… just before giving us the solution :wink: :star_struck:

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