DUDE STORY - Episode 001: Dude Against Dummy!

Yesterday we witnessed that our Dude suffered from some points cloud particle disease - Dude meets Endgame
But don’t get rattled - Dude is back!
Meet DUDE STORY - Episode 001: Dude Against Dummy!
The opponent is strong, but with the help of powerfull lava balls it seems there is no chance for poor Dummy… but he seems immutable to lava?
Also, with every shot Dude spells several hundred of BJS logos, which gives +100 to defence or even more. So please don’t press SPACE, otherwise…

All visible meshes except main heros are made from Lava Node Material. Babylon.js Node Material Editor
See Lava BUBBLE contest here - Examples from the playground - #236 by aFalcon


FIRST and ONLY “high-value” PG contributed by afalcon (Dvd.Ep002).

May DUDE vs dummy … “have long-destructive-life”

Needs green particles to chase the lava ball…

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…Just throw emitter…
Now Dude looks like real Jedi master :slight_smile:

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SPACEBAR - that is fantastic! So good.

DUDE vs dummy - endless entertainment.

Can dummy be destroyed?

Or will dummy - particle disintegrate DUDE?

Who will WIN???

Rotating entire particle stream… nice touch.


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Attack of Dummy clones!
https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#EDMV69#6 - Press G for Dummy attack
Inspite the simplicity, the scene looks very dynamic and the result of the battle is still unpredictable :slight_smile:


Seems that Dude acquired some ancient alien amulet… or amulet made from alien…