Dude Boss particle shooter

Hi folks!

After @necips has created this cool stuff here Programmer's corner - #59 by Necips I had an idea and @necips kindly agreed to lend me his fella for obviously evil purposes! Thanks dude! You should visit his Programmers corner for some cool math stuff though!

So I took the animation matrices calculation code and started to build some particle collision stuff around it and this has exactly happened to me :smiley:

This demo is not using the PCS, it’s all custom, so it is not perfect at all. It uses my lovely thin instanced boxes :smiley: The GUI is Quasar/Vue so it is a quite good example how good the relation between Vue and BabylonJS is :heart_decoration: and they play very well along each other.

There is a Game mode and a Free shooting mode.
In Game mode you have 20 seconds to shoot. Instructions are on the welcome page, but basically you have to get to a zoom level when the crosshair gets a lock and while the weapon is charging you need to follow the target with the crosshair to not to loose the lock. You can shoot from above as well. After the shooting you will get a visualization of your shots.

The Free shooting mode allows you to control the time of the particles. You can for example Pause the time, shoot at multiple targets and Play and the particles will explode all at once. After shooting the dude you can set the time delta value to -0.1 and observing the process from any angle. Cool things can be done.

Can you go above 11.000 destroyed targets? :vulcan_salute:

Source code available and hopefully those like me still at the beginning of the learning curve will grab something usefull from it (with the mistakes I made as well LOL)

And again thanks goes to the BJS team to giving us this cool framework!

EDIT: Any animated mesh can be used, it is not limited to the Dude, however some values needs to be tweaked.

What’s you score?!

I’m always curious how stuff I code run on other computers so if you are interested how I see this demo running, here is a short YouTube video:



I had hard time with controls at first but @PirateJC, you need to put this somewhere as well as the repo in the doc !!!

Thanks a lot! I promised @Necips to do my best to glorify his dude! :sunglasses:


This is sick and reminds me of Tron a lot. :heart:

Thank you! :vulcan_salute:
I started to learn how to manipulate faces already and started to create a shield, which wraps around the specified mesh automatically and the faces can be shot and weaken. I’m just in the begininng but already have the shield visualized. I am drawing everything manually here. So if you are a fan of Tron, I believe you are gonna like this one! :+1:

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@sebavan what was the hard part with the controls? Was it too hard all the time or you got used to it quickly? Need some feedback to make it better! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you going to turn it into Tron disc wars? (I’m a super Tron nerd as you can see :joy: )

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I was a child when I first saw Tron and I am still amazed with the idea, the incredible CGI for that time!

I wish I could turn it into Disc wars! :joy:

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@roland I thought it was only point and shoot and did not get the locking mecanism at first :slight_smile:

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You didn’t read the instructions :stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:

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I have to totally admit this… #RTFM :wink:


This was a pretty awesome demo! That music reminds me of a bunch of the retro games that I used to play back in the day. Great job!

Thanks a lot! Yes, there was an intention with the 8 bit music to remind us our roots :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:

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My goodness @roland this is SOOO cool! Super duper fun!

Any objection to me promoting this a little bit?

I’ll throw it on the Community page and tweet about it? Are you on twitter? What’s your twitter name?

Yerrrr @PirateJC!
Wow! I am so happy that you are so excited about it! :slight_smile: You can use it of course and source code as well!

I’ve changed the explosion code so it honors the camera rotation and now it looks cooler :slight_smile: I’ve also added @necips (thanks again!) to the credits page even though I’m using only 10 lines of his code, but without those 10 lines there will be no shooter at all, so don’t forget to include him when tweeting please!

This makes me proud dude, thanks a lot! Twitter: @roli_c0d3r :vulcan_salute:

I saw the third part of your series and damned I am so curious what are your piratey (is this even a word?) plans for the next videos!! :sunglasses: :partying_face: Keep them coming! :blue_heart: :+1:

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Added to the website (will be live in a few minutes):

And Tweeted:

@roland is haaaapppy! Thank you guys! :heart_decoration:


Hi Roland, I looked for a solution for a long time and found the approach from the old forum. I am not the one who calculated the matrix calculation. I only applied this solution to the animation.

Neverthless I used your code… :vulcan_salute: