Dynamic World Builder Version 2

After my first attempt at creating a dynamic world builder, I thought I could make it better.
I started from scratch, and rather than having a editable layout per block, I decided to allow editing per wall per block. This allows much faster editing and more sophisticated building designs.
Working demo at https://ukcpg.co.uk/dynamicbuilder/dynamicbuild.php?building=2


Quite nice ! :slight_smile:

Very hard for me because I’m AZERTY, using ZQSD… A switching option would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think Camera movement should be disabled in edit mode. When I move the cursor using the arrows it moves camera as well ^^


Camera movement via cursor keys has now been disabled during editing, but mouse movement is still enabled.
WASD seems the most popular keyboard combination.
Would be easy enough to allow definition of keys.
I’ve now added stair spindles and bannisters.
I think i need some internal fittings and maybe nicer internal walls.

played the demo, great job! loved that you can go up a y-level in the editor and the map swapped to the y-slice you were editing.