Dynamic World Game

Project is moving forward.
This is a playable level.

You can design your own playable level by taking possesion of a map at


Love it!!

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Hey dude this is cool!
What are your inputs for generating the buildings?

It has to be a building with ‘Vacant Possession’, but if you press ‘e’ to start edit, you can then move the cursor with the arrow keys and change the element under the cursor with < and >.
You can also add treasure, health or ammo with the square brackets.
Press ‘f’ to finish editing.
I would like to see some worlds designed by others :slight_smile:

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I think two additions/changes could be helpful:

  1. Tutorial: anything; like a little textbox listing all key bindings - but in-game.
  2. More fluid editor controls: I do not want to press buttons all over my keyboard. Say, standard fps controls: wasd-move and mouse look. Left hand stays on wasd. While staying there, left hand has a horizontal reach up to key “g” and vertically to key “5”. Ideally right hand can stay on mouse. I would think a performance objective here may be “minimize distance of fingers/hand moved”.

Just as an example: https://youtu.be/-FHhgZKfn1M?si=Wc1dA6rC9Ty1-ZtW&t=145 If that is not your thing, check out survival games with base building for inspiration. There are different control schemes.

I am writing all this because I got stuck here:

Now what? After I pressed “e” none of the buttons listed above worked (no console errors; Firefox). So I got frustrated and started to mash buttons… Also the way I got there: It needed your off-game forum post to actually teach me that there is a level editor.

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Another playable level now with furniture and posters. I’ve decided to go with ‘Soviet Brutalism’ as a theme.

The ‘e’ button shouldn’t show ,unless you have taken possession of the building, as it exposes various options like health and ammo starting values. I will fix that :slight_smile:
When you have possesion of the world, the system displays basic instructions whilst rendering.
Project still very much in development but thanks for the feedback. I’m concetrating on the basic mechanics first, then I’ll get on to the niceties.

Another level :slight_smile:

The Fort

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For better experience while looking around you could lock the pointer:

You can see it in action here:

New script location with launch page and high score tables etc and updated following suggestions.

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Cool progress! :vulcan_salute:

I was standing in front of the building, changed to Edit mode, immediatelly exited Edit mode and started to move. The whole building started to follow me with all the items inside :slight_smile:

Sometimes you can’t shoot the drone. The bullets go through.

If the drones are white they are not alerted if I get it correctly but they are hurting you anyway?

How can I get pass these objects?

One thing, you should definitelly map LMB for shooting and a key for opening the doors :wink:

I’ve added physics to the chairs and tables, so they can be ‘shot’ out of the way :slight_smile:
Yes, must sort out the bug, that when you collide with a sentry, you cant shoot it until after it moves again.
On the advice of my eldest, I have also gone darker with the ambient light.

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