Dynamically changing autorotation behaviour speeds

I set autorotation parameters at the beginning of my app:
camera.idleRotationSpeed = 2;
camera.idleRotationWaitTime = 1;
camera.idleRotationSpinupTime = 3000;
camera.useAutoRotationBehavior = true;

Later on I want to allow user to change speed of rotation, I change it but nothing changes, is there anything special that I need to do to dynamically modify the speed of the autorotation behaviour?
thank you :slight_smile:

for example I set an initial camera.idleRotationSpeed = 5;
and later i change it to any value, and speed doesn’t change,
I change it to 10, 50, 100, 13, 77, doesn’t matter, speed doesn’t change anymore

however changing camera.useAutoRotationBehavior = true , to false or true, works, which means I am addressing the correct camera. But the rotation speeds just won’t change when changing the number dynamically in the other parameters

It does work, you must access the auto rotation property through the autoRotationBehavior property of the camera:

scene.activeCamera.autoRotationBehavior.idleRotationSpeed = 0.1;

@Evgeni_Popov perfect yes, that way it works, awesome, thank you