Easy way to render HTML inside of Babylon Scene


currently it seems to be quite difficult to render HTML content inside of Babylon. The best example I found is https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1DX9UE#2

Which in itself is kinda difficult to understand and definitely not flexible enough for easy usage.

So what are your approaches to show websites inside a scene? With a unity website export it seems to have been possible. So It should be possible in general? The websites need to be fully interactable.

What approaches have you been using for this?

As HTML is script based and Babylon.js is image based it is not possible to have a fully interactable website rendered in Babylon.js. It is possible to display an image of a webpage in Babylon.js.

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Try to use html2Cavans.js plugins, you can use it convert html to canvas, ouput image from canvas, rending image as GUI in babylonjs

Yes I am thinking about going this route. Feels like a hack though. :frowning:

Maybe this Playground is helpful.
Just a HTML Button in 3D Space

he wants to achieve the effect like CSS3D

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