Equivalent to getHeightAtCoordinates on imported mesh used as ground


I know I can use CreateGroundFromHeightMap by specifying a url to a hightmap file and create a GroundMesh from which I can call getHeightAtCoordinates (and getNormalAtCoordinates) but is there a way of doing this if I already have an existing mesh (modeled in Blender and imported via GLB), ie create a GroundMesh from an existing mesh? Or is there a way to cast/convert a mesh to a GroundMesh so I have access to getHeightAtCoordinates (or another way to do this).

I could bake a heightMap in Blender and thenus that with CreateGroundFromHeightMap but to get sufficient quality the texture file ends up being much larger than the GLB file.

getHeightAtCoordinates only works for a mesh created from a height map, as for a regular mesh that would be quite complicated to compute a height for a given 3D coordinate.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I will bake the heightmap from the mesh in Blender and just use that then. Thanks.