Face / Vertex / other limits to WebGL and or Babylon?

Is there a hard or implied limit to the number of models / faces / vertex loaded at once?

I have maybe 20k faces on screen spread across 4 models loading fine. I can add in parts of a fifth model, but if I try to add the whole thing Babylon locks up at the loading screen. I feel like I have seen projects with many more faces and many more models than this. I am using a gaming computer for development.

The fifth model can be loaded fine in the sandbox, and the scene works fine without it. Just when I try to add that model into my scene the lockup happens. When this happens all web browsers say they are stuck with an unresponsive script.

Oddly, when I add in this fifth model my memory usage skyrockets even though its a simple model, materials are used in other models. It never settles out, just keeps climbing by about 1-3mb a second while stuck at the loading screen, almost like there is a memory leak.

Sharing models is tough for this particular project. But maybe someone has seen something like this before?

Scratch this, apparently it was something in my file? I renamed everything and removed a few empty nodes that somehow were created and things are for now working…

Strange the model would load on it’s own, just not in a scene with other models.

Ah well.

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