Fast fake diamonds demo - part 2

Hi folks!
Fakes round #2 is here. :diamonds: Added transparency, some fake diamond textures, Fresnel, and some more stuff. No environment reflections yet.

PBRMaterial (not NodeMaterial) based Fakes #3 with environment reflections coming next…

Part #1: Fast fake diamonds demo - part 1

Max diamonds in the scene and the the spawn period:

You can use any mesh you want. Change the url and the name of your mesh in the model.

And you can play with the colors and the opacity:

EDIT: I’ve spotted some issue with the reflections, the newly spawned diamonds after a while have no reflections, but anyway, enjoy…




I changed the impostor to MeshImpostor for even more realistic shiny wealth on screen :slight_smile:
Babylon.js Playground (

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
At first I used the MeshImpostor, but I had to change it to Sphere after I was playing with too many diamonds on screen and I just forgot to put it back when I introduced the maxDiamonds parameter :slight_smile:


Translucency combined with caustics is really fascinating. With a little bloom effect, I feel like I have become a rich man :joy: